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2016 Outreach Newsletter Published
Outreach Newsletter 2016

The 2016 issue of the nano outreach newsletter is now available online. The newsletter covers UNL nano outreach activities over the past year. (3/2/17)

Enders, Dowben Team Creates 2D Material
2D Material

Axel Enders, Peter Dowben, and team have developed a new 2D material, Monolayer Hexagonal Boron-Carbon-Nitrogen (h-BCN), with potential for developments in ultrathin technologies. The results were published in ACS Nano and covered by Phys.org. (2/16/17)

Nebraska Nanoscale Facility REU student selected for 2017 international REU
NNF building

Skye Tackkett, 2016 NNF REU student, has been chosen to participate in a 2017 NNCI REU at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan. Skye worked with Dr. Jeff Shield developing new permanent magnet materials critical for efficient energy conversion and information technologies using UNL facilities. (1/27/17)

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