NCMN Research

Research areas within NNF

The present largest and strongest research areas of NNF users are nanomagnetics, nanoelectronics and sensors, and nanomaterials for energy.  Basic research areas include synthesis, characterization & modeling of nanoscale materials/ structures, fundamental properties of electronic, magnetic, structural materials at the nanoscale, emerging interface phenomena, and new functionalities not present in bulk materials. Research areas relevant to applications include nanomaterials for energy technologies, ultra high-density data-storage media, nonvolatile memories and logic, nanoelectronics and spintronics, field and chemical sensors, and nano manufacturing.

Acknowledgement Text

Agencies including NSF and the University providing partial support of our Nebraska Nanoscale Facilities and NCMN Facilities require that the following words be included at the end of any Acknowledgement section of a paper in which experimental work was done in NNF-NCMN facilities:

The research was performed in part in the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility: National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure and the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, which are supported by the National Science Foundation under Award ECCS: 1542182, and the Nebraska Research Initiative.