Photo of the three story brick building that houses the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility.
Nebraska Nanoscale Facility

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Lucia Fernández-Ballester.
Team IDs emergence of surprising layers in nanomaterial

Lucía Fernández-Ballester and her team have observed never-before-seen intricacies of the crystallization of a polymer known as P3HT. By melting P3HT and watching it cool through the lenses of light and X-rays, the team discovered hidden depths that can solidify and crystallize in different ways, which can alter the transport of electric charges.The team reported its findings in the journal Macromolecules, which featured the study on the cover of its most recent issue. (5/1/23)

Shudipto Dishari.
Dishari team developing polymers to boost hydrogen cell efficiency

Shudipto Dishari, chemical and biomolecular engineering, is leading a research team that is designing polymers to find a solution to ion transport limitations in hydrogen fuel cells by making charge-bearing ions run faster across the cells. They aim to develop new, biological ion channel-inspired ionomers to boost the movement of those charges and improve the performance of clean energy technologies to meet the cost-performance-durability targets set by the Department of Energy. (3/8/23)

Cover of Advanced Materials from Nebraska researchers.
NRIC 2023: Topology & Valley-Driven Quantum Phenomena

The 2023 Nebraska Research and Innovation Conference (NRIC) -- Topology and Valley-Driven Quantum Phenomena -- will take place Friday, March 17, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Lincoln. This all-day meeting includes invited speakers and poster sessions with EQUATE student and post-doctoral researchers. The cost to attend this event is free, however pre-registration is required. (1/11/23)