Photo of the three story brick building that houses the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility.
Nebraska Nanoscale Facility

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A nanoscale rendering of two materials, graphene (gray) and chromium oxide (blue), that collectively allowed researchers from Nebraska and Buffalo to fabricate a new type of transistor.
Nebraska, Buffalo researchers create first magneto-electric transistor

Christian Binek, Peter Dowben, Will Echtenkamp, Ather Mahmood, and colleagues from the University at Buffalo have teamed up to fabricate a new type of transistor that could curb energy consumption of microelectronics and reduce the number of transistors needed to store certain data by as much as 75%. This new transistor could cut 5 percent from the world's digital energy budget, while also saving space and retaining memory in the event of a power loss. (4/11/22)

The Supplementary Cover Art for for the paper 'Highly Oriented Organic Ferroelectric Films with Single-Crystal-Level' published in Crystal Growth & Design.
Xu paper on cover of Crystal Growth & Design

A paper on organic ferroelectrics by Xiaoshan Xu and colleagues was recently published as a cover story in Crystal Growth & Design. The article is titled "Highly Oriented Organic Ferroelectric Films with Single-Crystal-Level." (4/6/22)

David Sellmyer.
Remembering the life and work of David Sellmyer

Founding director of the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, David J. Sellmyer, 83, died at home surrounded by his family on March 25. Sellmyer was the driving force behind the creation of NCMN, the Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research building, and the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility. Dan Claes, current department chair and professor of physics and astronomy said of Sellmyer's leadership, "I don’t believe there’s anyway we could overstate the impact Dave has had on the department, university and specifically our materials science program. It’s a legacy that will be with us this forever.”

Condolences can be left on the Wyuka website, and a recording of the funeral service is available on YouTube. (4/5/22)