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Saraf advances work on first-of-its-kind ‘living’ transistor chip

Ravi Saraf Ravi Saraf and his team are one step closer to developing a new kind of transistor chip that harnesses the biological responses of living organisms to drive current through the device, shedding light on cellular activity at an unprecedented level of sensitivity. Eventually, this “living” chip may enable faster and simpler diagnosis of sepsis, illuminate understanding of antibiotic resistance and bolster efforts to develop neuromorphic devices, which mimic the human brain. (10/11/21)

Hong team develop technique to measure anisotropy of rhenium disulfide

Xia Hong Xia Hong and colleagues (including Evgeny Tsymbal and Stephen Ducharme) have developed a new technique allowing them to study and more precisely measure the anisotropy of a promising semiconductor - rhenium disulfide. By layering a ferroelectric polymer atop the rhenium disulfide, then flipping the polarization of a narrow sliver within the polymer, the team discovered that rhenium disulfide’s conductivity greatly depends on the orientation of the path itself. They also found the anisotropy was largest when measuring it in rhenium disulfide that was four atomic layers thick. (9/22/21)

John earns NNCI Outstanding Staff Award

Jacob John Jacob John, Coordinator and Program Manager of the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility, has been awarded a 2021 Outstanding NNCI Staff Member award in the category of 'User Support.' The awards, presented by the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), acknowledge the significant efforts by NNCI site staff members who endeavor to provide excellent service and support to all network users. (8/20/21)

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