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Bartelt-Hunt on team finding antibiotics in Nebraska watersheds

Shannon Bartelt-HuntShannon Bartelt-Hunt is among a team of researchers from UNL and UNMC that have discovered antibiotics used in human treatment in two Nebraska watersheds near Fremont and Lincoln. The discovery has researchers concerned about the potential impact this will have on the increasing resistance to antibiotics in humans. (9/3/20)

UNL announces NNF five-year renewal

University of Nebraska logoThe University of Nebraska has announced the five-year renewal of the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility through the NSF’s National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure program. “We can proudly say here in Nebraska that this is quite an elite club we are in,” said Christian Binek, director of the nanoscale facility. The national infrastructure aims to ensure “the entire country is equipped with the tools and expertise to perform nanoscience and nanotechnology. With this infrastructure we have, we are in a very good position to play an important role and compete nationwide and even internationally in this field,” Binek said. (8/28/20)

Husker team fine-tuning skyrmions to improve data storage, processing

University of Nebraska logo A team led by David Sellmyer, Balamurugan Balasubramanian, and Ralph Skomski continue to make progress on their work improving skyrmions, by making them smaller and more stable, so they can be useful in practical applications. The team was recently able to increase the magnetic ordering temperature of a skyrmion supporting material beyond room temperature while also shrinking the size of the skyrmions to ~17 nanometers. This discovery counters the conventional wisdom that only larger skyrmions can be realized at room temperature; for future applications, skyrmions would ideally be ~10 nanometers. (7/21/20)

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