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Yang team working to improve strength, color of feather-based fibers

Yiqi Yang A team led by Yiqi Yang is developing a process that would transform chicken feathers - largely considered a waste product of chicken production - into fibers that find a place in natural fabrics. In a recent study, Yang’s team experimented with a cross-linking class known as saccharide aldehydes. By modifying the molecular structure and concentration of the aldehydes, the team developed keratin fibers substantially stronger than those produced via another popular cross-linker, citric acid. (1/12/22)

Tsymbal team's data-decoding approach could lead to faster, smaller digital tech

Evgeny Tsymbal Evgeny Tsymbal and colleagues have published a new study showing that spin-independent conductance in compensated antiferromagnets and normal metals can be efficiently exploited in spintronics. The team identified ruthenium oxide as just such an antiferromagnet, as well as titanium dioxide as the barrier through which electrons can tunnel. Critically, the atoms of the two respective oxides form the same crystalline structure, resulting in a seamless match that allows electrons to maintain their momentum — and their momentum-dependent spin — as they move between the materials. This research was supported, in part, from the National Science Foundation's $20 million grant facilitating Nebraska's EPSCoR-EQUATE project. (1/6/22)

Hong featured on "Stories from the NNI" podcast

Xia Hong A podcast interview between Xia Hong and Lisa Friedersdorf, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office has been released online. In this episode, Hong discusses her work investigating the properties of complex oxide nanostructures and interfaces. The podcast interview is available on YouTube. (12/16/21)

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