Photo of the three story brick building that houses the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility.
Nebraska Nanoscale Facility

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Cover of Advanced Materials from Nebraska researchers.
NRIC 2023: Topology & Valley-Driven Quantum Phenomena

The 2023 Nebraska Research and Innovation Conference (NRIC) -- Topology and Valley-Driven Quantum Phenomena -- will take place Friday, March 17, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Lincoln. This all-day meeting includes invited speakers and poster sessions with EQUATE student and post-doctoral researchers. The cost to attend this event is free, however pre-registration is required. (1/11/23)

Christian Binek on left and Jeff Shield on right.
Scilight: Iron nanoparticles boost magnetocaloric effect

A paper authored by Chrisitan Binek, Jeff Shield, and colleagues from North Carolina A&T (NCAT) was recently published in the Journal of Applied Physics. The article "Large refrigerant capacity in superparamagnetic iron nanoparticles embedded in a thin film matrix" was also chosen by AIP's editors to be featured in a "Scilight" - a science highlight showcasing the most interesting research published in AIP Publishing Journals. NCAT was also recently awarded a $10 million grant from the Department of Energy to establish a center focused on clean energy initiatives led by paper co-author Dhananjay Kumar. (11/23/22)

Xia Hong on left and Mathias Schubert on right.
Teamwork by Hong and Schubert leads investigation of remote surface optical phonon scattering in ferroelectric oxide-gated graphene

The October 2022 edition of the Journal of Applied Physics features research from a collaboration led by Xia Hong and Mathias Schubert. Their study reveals the room temperature mobility limit in graphene imposed by the ferroelectric oxide gate, providing important material information for designing high-performance ferroelectric/graphene transistors for high frequency, low power nanoelectronic applications. Learn more at (11/10/22)