Laser Nanofabrication and Characterization

Nanoscribe System

Laser Nanofabrication Facility Image

The Nanoscribe system is a 3D lithography setup enabling the maskless lithography and patterning of polymer materials. This is achieved through two main writing techniques. The first is the fixed-beam moving-sample, in which the target can be moved in three dimensions. The piezo actuators used in this design realize the precise focus trajectory. In the second technique, the laser beam is moved allowing a faster processing speed. The Nanoscribe system is a useful tool for fabrication of 3D architectures that are currently required in optics, microfluidics, medicine, etc.

Zygo Optical Profiler

The Zygo optical surface profiler is a powerful tool in non-contact analysis at the surface of the samples. The open work area with X/Y and tilt stages can be adjusted for focus both manually and automatically enables the user to conduct a nondestructive and fast surface study on the sample. The profiler uses coherence scanning interferometry to record the surface morphology in 3D, with vertical resolution from < 1 nm to 20000 μm.