Low-Dimensional Nanostructure Synthesis

Cluster-Deposition Systems

Low Dimensional Facility Image

We have constructed two gas-aggregation cluster deposition systems. The one shown, funded by an NSF MRI grant, has two sources that can produce elemental or alloy clusters with diameters between 1 and 20 nm. The clusters are monodispersed with σ/d ≈ 0.1 and can have new structures not seen in the bulk. Nanoscale composite structures are possible with novel properties.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Low Dimensional Facility Image

The Cambridge Nanotech atomic-layer-deposition tool Fiji200, is a state-of-the-art instrument. The attached load-lock allows for handling of wafers up to 8” and layer-by-layer growth can be achieved by a thermal, plasma, or ozone process. The available six heated precursor lines, including ‘ALD Vapor Boost’ technology, together with six plasma gas lines, allow for a wide variety of different processes. Attached is an M-2000U ellipsometer (245 to 1000 nm) for in-situ process control and development.

Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)

Low Dimensional Facility Image

The glancing-angle-deposition chamber is an ultra-high vacuum deposition chamber built in-house and dedicated to the growth of sculptured thin films by electron-beam evaporation. A key part is a three-axis sample manipulator with continuous polar and computer-controlled azimuthal sample rotation. Samples are introduced through a load-lock system to allow quick sample exchange procedures and ultra-high-vacuum conditions.

Chemical Synthesis of Nanowires and 2D Systems

A variety of synthetic methods are employed to fabricate 2D materials applicable to nanoelectric devices, nanostructured molecular organic frameworks, nanoscale biomimetic materials, and surface coatings. Electrochemical processes are used to develop sensors, thin films and composites. Self-assembly via CVD synthesis, preparation of active surfaces and stretchable microfluidic systems, new transition-metal dichalcogenides and phosphorene, and other methods for nanostructured materials are available.