Minicourse Registration


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Minicourse Registration

Nebraska Nanoscale Facility Minicourse Registration

The Nebraska Nanoscale Facility Minicourse will hold a FREE Remote AND In-Person opportunity throughout October due to COVID-19.

    1. All participants should view our video's about the equipment, processes, and opportunities at the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility (NNF) from October 8-14 using the Minicourse Videos link or by accessing our MediaHub page
    2. If you would like to become a user after viewing the videos, FREE, In-Person hands-on training will be taught by NNF Specialists from October 14-30 (M-F) in the Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Center, located on City Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (16th and W Streets). During this time the program will train new users in the technical aspects of any two equipment of their choice. Participants will have the opportunity to learn materials analysis, fabrication of nanoscience materials, electronic devices, structural components, and advances in nanotechnology. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the potential benefits to their research and development activities and how to become users of the facilities. Social distancing, wearing masks, small groups, and other University of Nebraska-Lincoln COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.

Limited space is available for in-person training in Lincoln so please complete the registration information below by Friday, October 9. Lodging at a local hotel for 1-2 nights and some meals are provided for new users only (sorry no accommodations are available for accompanying friends or family). 2019 participants are not eligible to attend this course again. A processing fee may be charged if registration is canceled less than 3 days before IN PERSON Minicourse training.

In-Person Training Registration